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IGLAD is an Initiative for the harmonization of Global in-depth traffic Accident Data to improve road and vehicle safety. More than 10 years after its initiation, the IGLAD project database has firmly established itself as an in-depth data source for accident research and vehicle safety applications. Almost 10,000 accidents from five continents have now found their way into the database. They all share a uniform coding, harmonized between the data providers, as well as a quality standard. With the current data, it is already possible to perform descriptive analyses of accidents and injuries in various countries.
In 2022, the first-ever IGLAD-PCM was released providing 200 pre-crash simulations from real accidents coming from seven countries on three continents. A group of consortium members will report on the implementation of the IGLAD-PCM, selected analyzes and application examples at the ESV conference in Yokohama in April 2023.
In January 2023 IGLAD has started it's 5th phase with 22 international partners and is coordinated by SAFER.


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Updated 21/04/2023
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IGLAD - Initiative for the global harmonisation of accident data • www.iglad.net • Contact: ines.heinig@chalmers.se • +46-(0)31-772 2826
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